Camp Wasaga is the only accredited full time family camp in Manitoba. 

A Typical Day at Family Camp

The days at Camp Wasaga are jam packed with fun and adventure! Programming for the day is outlined at breakfast which is served at 8:45am. The children’s program runs from 10:00am-12:15 each day (including Saturday). Adult programming runs at the same time and usually involves a hike with our naturalist, a guided kayak or canoe trip on Clear Lake or you may choose to go off on your own – read a book, golf in Wasagaming, explore the town, or go for a coffee/cappuccino at the local shop – Poor Michael’s. 

Following morning program our families get back together and head to the dining hall for lunch at 12:30. After lunch you may choose to sign up for an organized family game (amazing race style), take a swim at the waterfront with our lifeguard, head to the beach with one of the provided park passes or tag in to a game of volleyball. Be sure to bring a bit of extra spending money for the very popular canteen which serves ice cream cones outside the dining hall at 3:30pm each day.

Dinner is served at 5:30 at which time any evening adventures are outlined– crib tournament, bison enclosure tour, night paddle, midnight hike! Each of our meals is served buffet style and our kitchen staff works very hard to ensure that a high level of nutrition and any special dietary needs are met.

Parents sign up in groups of 4 to 5 to help with dishes cleanup of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack 4 times per week.

Mid week the children are offered the opportunity of spending one night away from camp on our overnight with the councillors. Children aged 1-5 participate in a fun pj party and return to mom and Dad for bedtime. The young children (6-8yr olds) will tent in the field just next to the camp and the older children will paddle across the lake and camp off site.

For those participating please ensure warm clothes and a sleeping bag is packed. This event is encouraged but is at the discretion of the parent/guardian. 

The final night is for our famous Night Games! At this event the older kids (usually 9+yrs) play an exciting mix between capture the flag and tag – in the dark! This is a kid/counsellor favourite where everyone gets dress in their dark clothes and the kids try to outsmart the counsellors!

Each year my family and I attend camp we come away with more friends and great memories & I know you will too.