Camp Director - Jeff Kirkpatrick

Jeff has been working with Camp Wasaga for the last 17 summers with his only break being the year he was married in 2003. He is back again this summer as the Camp Director and is looking forward to seeing all the new faces around camp as well as to rekindle those relationships he has had for many years with the veteran campers.

Senior Leaders – Bailey Magnus-Walker and Kyra Krassnigg

Bailey has been at camp 18 years and on staff for the last 3! Kyra has been a camper for many years and this is her first summer on staff.

Junior Leader – Alice Hamilton
Junior Leader – Robert Hughes
Junior Leader – Rebecca Wilson
Maintenance - Louis-Simon , Liam Meirs

Program Leader – Tyler Lischynshi
LIT Leader – Maryse Gagne
Waterfront – Natasha Morham
Naturalist – Tanis Birch
Kitchen Staff - Maddie Magnus-Walker,
ora Smolders, Jennifer Kitchen, Amos